We are the specialist supplier of:-

  1. Field Instrumentation Supply including Temperature, Pressure, Flow Level, Noise, Vibration, Water Quality, Ultrasonic-Gas Metering, Weighting, PLC, SCADA, DCS, etc.
  2. Complete range of Valves including Globe, Ball, Gate, Solenoid, Butterfly, Check, Needle, Pressure Relief, Diaphragm and On/Off Valve, etc,
  3. Marine & Offshore Electrical Equipments Accessories.
  4. Marine Cable, Lighting, Lamps Bulbs, Ex-type Junction box/Enslosure.
  5. All Marine general Hardware & Machinery Equipments.
  6. Hydraulic Hose, Adaptor & Fitting.
  7. All kinds of Marine Industrial Control.
  8. All Industrial Automation Control.
  9. Process Instruments, Equipments & Accessories.